quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011


Text written by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes The Great Depression of 1929 caused a general meltdown in the U.S. and then spread around the world. Speculative Capital, one made of paper circulating in the stock markets worldwide, has sparked a crisis that would be an ingredient for the Second World War. The poor suffer while the rich get rich, but when they break the rich, the poor become destitute. EUFOR BEFORE THE CRISIS At the end of World War I, America was in great economic rise, the country experienced a lot of excitement, the Americans were fabricating, producing, selling and buying, and above all spending enough. BLACK THURSDAY One of the causes of the Great Depression was a crisis on the stock exchanges of New York. On 24/10/2009, she suffered the largest drop in history. The actions came with overvaluation, but when investors were selling these papers, there were no takers. No investment in companies, industrial suffered resection, so the employees were laid off, unemployed do not buy, the market just got a lot of stock, and little money. In cascade with the rich were roles that were worth nothing and they were in bankruptcy. The United States stopped, the economy stagnated and many went mad and committed suicide. NEW DEAL This was the name of President Roosevelt's plan to take the United States of economic stagnation. Among the measures the Government took was to buy surplus production agriculture and burn them, paying farmers not to grow, creating jobs through the construction of public works, such as squares, canals, roads, airports and ports. To stimulate the consumption of domestic product, imports were several restrictions.

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