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Notes from the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes in the lesson on Islam:

From 650 to 1900 years Africans were enslaved by Muslims (North, East and West Africa and brought to the Middle East).

- When making a land, who refuses to be Muslim may be enslaved and their wives and daughters may have taken as war booty.

- Currently 200,000 women and children from the Sudanese Dinka tribe are being enslaved by the Muslims

- Nigeria, a woman can only process a man who raped her if she bring four male witnesses. But if she does not scream while being raped and does not appear to witnesses, she is condemned to death. (In Saudi Arabia takes 200 lashes, if violated)

- In Pakistan 75% of women prisoners were convicted because they were raped. 90% of wives are beaten and raped for not cooked well today, have not generated or son. To separate from a woman just simply say three times "divorce thee" and can send her away without the right to anything.

- Islam allows a man get a woman to marry since she has nine years

- In Iran, a father beheaded his daughter for seven years because he suspected that his uncle had raped her

- Somalia, female circumcision is practiced, for women not to take pleasure, mutilate the clitoris, often with 5 years of age.

- The Quran says: Give women reason to feel fear.

- Aisha was one of Muhammad's wives. He said that if women knew the value of the husband, they wash away their feet with their faces.

- In Algeria, an unveiled woman in the street can be the target of military sniper.

- Saudi Arabia, a school on fire, 15 teenagers died because the police did not let him out into the street without a veil. Year 2002 in Mecca.

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